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The Woodstock Volunteer Fire Association (WVFA) is a nonprofit volunteer organization whose purpose is to provide emergency services to the Town of Woodstock. The WVFA is made up of people who live or work in the WVFA Fire District who have chosen to perform community service by volunteering as a Firefighter, Rescue Team Member, Fire Police, Medical Technician, or Support Team member.

The WVFA provides the Town of Woodstock with fire protection services for the WVFA Fire District and to provide ambulance service for the entire town of Woodstock. The WVFA Fire District primarily serves the South and Southeastern sections of Woodstock including Woodstock Hill.

WVFA actually contains several groups - the WVFA Firefighters, the WVFA Search and Rescue Team, the Woodstock Emergency Medical Service (WEMS) and the WVFA Support Team. The WVFA provides the organizational and financial framework within which each of these groups operates.

The WVFA Firefighters are the largest group within the organization. The Firefighters respond to all types of fires, to automobile accidents, to searches, they assist in water rescues, and assist in medical calls. The WVFA Firefighters also have their own Fire Police who provide traffic control at a fire scene.

The WVFA Search and Rescue Team is primarily responsible for carrying out water rescue. It is staffed by firefighters and SCUBA divers from all three fire departments in town.

The Woodstock Emergency Medical Service (WEMS) is a combination of personnel from the Woodstock Volunteer Fire Assocation, Bungay Fire Brigade and Muddy Brook Fire departments that respond to all medical emergencies in the Town of Woodstock. Medical Response Technicians (MRTs) and Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) staff the ambulances which are housed at the Woodstock Volunteer Fire Association Station 76 on Route 169.  Additionally, MRTs and EMTs from Bungay Fire Brigade or Muddy Brook Fire Department provide immediate medical care for emergencies as First Responders in their fire districts, until the ambulance arrives at the scene.  WEMSs ambulance personnel provide support from the scene to the hospital.  WEMS is also a participant in Northeastern Connecticut’s Paramedic Intercept Program.  The 911 Dispatcher or WEMS personnel on the scene may request that the Paramedic “intercept” the ambulance to provide advanced care for critical patients prior to reaching the hospital.  In some emergencies, WEMS calls in Life Flight (Worcester) or Life Star (Hartford Helicopters for transport.

The WVFA Support Team members provide support services (such as refreshments) to the other groups during emergencies. Since this group is very new, it functions are expanding as needs are identified.

Woodstock Volunteer Fire Association - Station 76

399 Route 169    PO Box 222     S. Woodstock, CT 06267    (860) 928-3163  Email: contact@wvfa76.org