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What We Do For Woodstock…

The WVFA has contracted with the Town of Woodstock to provide fire protection services for the WVFA Fire District and to provide ambulance service for the entire Town of Woodstock. The WVFA Fire District primarily serves the South and Southeastern sections of Woodstock including Woodstock Hill. Woodstock has two other fire companies that serve other sections of town – Muddy Brook (North and East) and Bungay (West). All three departments assist each other when needed. WVFA also assists the surrounding towns when major emergencies occur that exceed their capabilities.

WVFA actually contains several groups – the WVFA Firefighters, the WVFA Search and Rescue Team and the Woodstock Emergency Medical Service (WEMS). The WVFA provides the organizational and financial framework which each of these groups.

The WVFA Firefighters are the largest group within the organization. The firefighters respond to all types of fires, to automobile accidents, to searches as well as assisting in water rescues and assisting in medical calls. The WVFA Firefighters also have their own Fire Police who provide traffic control at emergency scenes.

The WVFA Search and Rescue Team are primarily responsible for carrying out water rescue. It is staffed by firefighters and scuba divers from all three fire departments in town.

The Woodstock Emergency Medical Service is the component of WVFA that provides response to medical emergencies. When you have an illness or accident, "First Responder" medical technicians respond directly to the scene rendering assistance until the ambulance arrives. Our medical personnel continue aid in the ambulance until it reaches the hospital.

In some emergencies, we call in Life Star Helicopters (Hartford) or Life Flight Helicopter (UMass Medical Center in Worcester, MA).

The WVFA Support Team was formed in 1998 to provide support services during emergencies.  They participate in mass casualty and monthly drills.  Four members are currently certified in Community Emergency Response (CERT) and Red Cross Shelter Operations.  The Team provides opportunities for families of WVFA members to become involved in the fire station where their parents’ volunteer, including family barbecues, harvest dinners, and its annual children’s Christmas party.  They also assist in community activities such as the open house/food drive, Woodstock Fair, and Toys for Tots. The team’s functions are expanding as needs are identified.


Woodstock Volunteer Fire Association - Station 76

399 Route 169    PO Box 222     S. Woodstock, CT 06267    (860) 928-3163

Email: contact@wvfa76.org