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Public Education


Daily Forest Fire Danger Report

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Open Burning Information

 Burning Officials for:

Woodstock, CT

Fire Marshal: Richard Baron  (860) 963-2347

South Woodstock - Tim Young
(860) 428-5724

WVFA Station 76

West Woodstock -

Dave Elliott

(860) 428-2084

Bungay Station 77

East Woodstock - Russ Dowd
(860) 928-5397

Muddy Brook Station 75



Open Burning Information

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The following steps must be completed before you are allowed to burn:

  1. You must have a valid burning permit from your local official. See contact information below.

  2. The Fire Danger must be either “LOW or MODERATE”. Open Burning is NOT permitted if the Fire Danger is “HIGH, VERY HIGH, OR EXTREME”.  Click here to view the Fire Danger

  3. You must contact QV Dispatch at 860-774-7555 or 860-564-5610 before you begin burning. Please provide the location of your burn. You will also have to call QV when you have completed your burn.

  4. Burning is only allowed during the hours of 10am and 5pm.

Information from www.qvec.org


Make smoke alarms work for your safety 

Smoke alarms are the residential fire safety success story of the past quarter century. Smoke alarm technology has been around since the 1960s. But the single-station, battery-powered smoke alarm we know today became available to consumers in the 1970s, and since then, the home fire death rate has been reduced by half. Most states have laws requiring them in residential dwellings.

Important: Working smoke alarms are essential in every household. It is necessary to practice home fire drillsto be certain everyone is familiar with the smoke alarm signal, and to determine if there are any obstacles to a quick and safe evacuation (including the inability for some to awaken to the smoke alarm signal).





  • About Your Chimney and Venting System

  • Chimney Safety Overview

  • Addressing Potential System Defects

  • What You Need To Know When You Burn Wood

  • What You Need To Know About Your Gas Fireplace

  • What You Need To Know About Your Oil-Fired Appliance


Reflective Address Markers

Help Us Find You.

We are asking Woodstock residents

to have their house numbers

highly visible Day or Night from both directions.

We can't help you, if we can't find you.

Seconds count in an emergency situation.


For a "Do It Yourself Kit"  Click Here


Available at:

Chace Building Supply

90 Route 171

Woodstock, CT

(860) 928-2747

44 3" House Numbers Included!

  • Plate is Pre-drilled to allow for horizontal or vertical display.

  • Hy-Ko's 911 Plate is reflective to show up at night.

  • Reflective numbers are included with this package.

  • Reflective numbers are highly visible from the street.


   Yes, your refrigerator can save your life...when your important medical information is clearly displayed on the front door of it.

   The VIAL OF LIFE program is in use in thousands of communities throughout the United States and has been credited with saving countless lives.

   Simply put, the VIAL OF LIFE is a way to have important life-saving information available for Emergency Medical Responders in the event that you are injured or take ill at home and are unable to communicate.

 A highly visible decal on your front door or window informs

 responders that you are a VIAL OF LIFE participant and directs them to the refrigerator door for your medical documents.  

    Take this important step to prepare yourself for an emergency.

   VIAL OF LIFE documents can be your voice in the event that you are unresponsive.

    The VIAL OF LIFE program is just another way that NDDH helps to promote, protect, and improve your health.

    Spreading the word about the VIAL OF LIFE will allow others to benefit from this potentially life-saving program.


   Call NDDH today at 860-774-7350

to request your free VIAL OF LIFE kit!


    If you prefer, you may download the documents below and just request our VIAL OF LIFE decals.




VIAL OF LIFE DECAL (Sample only)

Northeast District Department of Health - www.nddh.org


Updated 04/14/2018

SWINE FLU Information

Guidelines for Health Care Providers:


Safety Tips & Information







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Woodstock Volunteer Fire Association - Station 76

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