399 Route 169 ∙ PO Box 222

Station 76

S. Woodstock, CT 06267

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Town of Woodstock Fire Stations

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Proudly serving the Town of Woodstock, Connecticut



Station 76

Woodstock Volunteer Fire Association

399 Route 169

PO Box 222

S. Woodstock, CT 06267



Station 75

Muddy Brook Fire Department

93 Woodstock Road

PO Box 222

E. Woodstock, CT 06244







Station 77

Bungay Fire Brigade

1256 Route 171

W. Woodstock, CT 06281



 Mutual Aid


Woodstock Volunteer Fire Association

Mutual Aid

WVFA relies on neighboring fire departments for assistance with extra personnel and equipment on larger scale fires and rescues.  This is common practice for most area departments particularly with daytime shortage of personnel and more complex equipment.

WVFA’s neighboring departments within the town of Woodstock are:

Muddy Brook Fire Department (to the north) supplying additional tanker and pumper support.  Also supplied by Muddy Brook is “heavy rescue” equipment such as extricating equipment and air bags.

Bungay Fire Brigade (to the west) supplying additional tanker and pumper support.  Bungay also has additional rescue ability with it’s extrication equipment and a boat for water rescue.

WVFA’s other mutual aid departments outside the town of Woodstock are: 

Putnam Fire Department (to the east) supplying additional pumper support and “heavy rescue” including “jaws of life”.  Putnam also has a 100’ aerial ladder.

Pomfret Fire Department (to the south) supplying additional pumper and tanker support.  Pomfret also has a 75’ aerial tower. Pomfret also assists in rescue extrication.

In addition to the departments above WVFA, through QV Dispatch www.qvec.org, can receive mutual aid through any of the departments that serve the area.  In reciprocation WVFA has the ability to provide mutual aid to the surrounding towns.

   Additional Area Mutual Aid Departments:

Community Fire    §   Eastford   §   E. Thompson   §   W. Thompson

MASSACHUSETTS:  Southbridge Fire   §   Webster Fire   §   Webster Rescue

Woodstock Volunteer Fire Association - Station 76

399 Route 169    PO Box 222     S. Woodstock, CT 06267    (860) 928-3163    Email: contact@wvfa76.org